Place a Hold

Holds allow you to reserve material when it is currently checked out by another patron. Holds can be placed on materials in the Library as well as on E-books and Audiobooks. To place a hold on materials normally held on library shelves following these simple steps.

  1. From our website log on to our Library Catalogue.
  2. Find the material(s) you would like to place a hold on.
  3. Click on “Place a Hold”. On the next screen you will be able to confirm the hold, and choose which branch you would like to pick up the material from. Click on “Place Hold” to confirm your hold. You will be contacted when your reserved materials are available.

You may also reserve materials by giving us a call or visiting one of our three branches.

For E-Books and Audiobooks it is the same process but instead of using our “Library Catalogue” page you would search for materials using our “Download E-Books and Audiobooks” link.

Please feel free to view the following videos if you require further assistance.

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