Project Description


Agnes Macphail First Woman MP
Agnes Macphail c.1940

Project Description

The Grey Highlands Digitization Project is a collaboration between the Grey Highlands Public Library and local newspapers, archives, museums, their collections, and the community. Working closely with host site, the project aims to do two things:

  • create a website and an accompanying digital collection to act as an entertaining and informative resource about Agnes Campbell Macphail
  • and upload and index the Markdale Standard and the Flesherton Advance newspapers for online discovery

The Agnes Macphail Website is dedicated to Agnes Campbell Macphail (1890-1954), the first woman elected to Parliament, who was born and lived in Grey County and rose to represent her community at Parliament in 1921. The mission of the GHPL project is to digitally represent unique artefacts that are held exclusively in local repositories or by individuals and that highlight Macphail’s personal relationship with her birthplace.
Accompanying each digital item is a detailed record that follows basic Dublin Core metadata standards. We have tried, as often as possible, to provide a complete record about each item, although for some items the information is not immediately available. The OurOntario software and tools that drive the Agnes Macphail Digital Collection encourage users to comment and potentially provide information about the items, information that will feed back into the original donors' records.

The GHPL is also proud to present digitized versions of two Grey County Newspapers. With permission from the Markdale Standard and Flesherton Advance publishers, the GHPL has scanned and uploaded images of these papers from their earliest copies up to approximately 1950. Thanks to software from HaliNet, both newspapers can be browsed, searched and printed from anywhere at the GHPL Newspaper Index. This project is ongoing, with some content being manually indexed, including Birth, Death and Marriage records, significant local news, and articles by and about Agnes Macphail.

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