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Newspapers in Grey County


Newspapers in Grey County

Since the early 1800s, Grey County has produced over 70 newspaper publications. Newspaper publishing and editing was usually a sideline for men with other professions, from woodworkers to mayors, a cross-over that we now would consider conflict of interest. Historically local newspapers included world news as well as local news and reports, but the majority of the print space was taken up with advertisements. In the earliest days, printing newspapers required hand-laying type into "galleys" and mounting the full boxes into a printing press that might have been steam driven but was more often cranked by hand. Rolls of paper were turned and pressed against the inked blocks in a repetitive motion until every page had been laid, mounted, inked, and printed. As technology changed, so has the printing industry, and newspapers have come and gone except for some that continue to endure and serve their communities even now.

Research by local historian Elizabeth Meyers reveals some unusual facts about the newspapers of the Grey Highlands municipality. The community of Flesherton, for example, has been home to only one newspaper, the Flesherton Advance. The Markdale Standard is notable as one of the top three longest running publications in Grey County. The print copies of these papers are held in local archives but have been transferred to microfilm that is available for public viewing at local libraries. To make these papers more accessible, the Grey Highlands Public Library has reproduced the Markdale Standard and Flesherton Advance from their earliest copies to approximately 1950 for online browsing.

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