The Grey Highlands Public Library has made a commitment to providing accessible customer service, through achieving a fully accessible website that conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. If you use any type of assistive technology and the format of our website interferes with your ability to view any information on our pages, please contact us and we will provide you with formatting that is accessible to your needs.

Most of the text on our website can be changed by using our font size widgets that are found at the bottom left hand corner of every page. To change the font size on the page, click on the larger “A” to increase the size and the smaller “A” to decrease size. Click on the middle “A” to go back to the default setting.

Alternatively, with most internet browsers you can also enlarge text and/or graphics under the view menu in the menu bar or by holding Ctrl and pressing theĀ  or + keys on your keyboard.


Grey Highlands Public Library Strategic Plan 2017-2020
GHPL Procedural Bylaws


Accessible Customer Service Policy
CASL Compliance Policy
Circulation Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
Code of Ethics Policy
Collection Development Policy
Cultural Channel Policy
Display of Art Policy
Emergency Plan Policy
Gifts & Donations Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Internet Access Policy
Internet Code of Conduct & Acceptable Use Policy
Library & Political Elections Policy
Local History Policy
Meeting the Requirements of the AODA Regulations Policy
Social Media Policy
Unattended Children Policy
Prevention of Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination Policy
Volunteers Policy
Working Alone Policy