Does your local group/organization have an upcoming event that you want to share with the community?  Or, perhaps you have a video you’d like to share — from a local event, sports game, or even just a snapshot of life in Grey Highlands? We would love to feature it on our Cultural TV Channel, and can’t wait to see what you have to share!

General Info
➜ There is no cost for this service (it’s free!)
➜ Events that do not meet the criteria below will not be approved/included

 Posters must be in JPG format and in widescreen size (16:9)
Event must be taking place within Grey Highlands
Event must have cultural, historical, or community relevance. Examples: author visit, art show, trivia night, fundraising bake sale, coffee & tea social, sport registration, etc.
Event must be open to all members of the public (no private/membership type events)
Events relating to private/corporate business or for-profit organizations will be excluded.

How Do I Create an Image/Poster for the Cultural TV Channel?
How Do I Submit Content for the Cultural TV Channel?
How Can I Learn Video Storytelling?

Create an Image/Poster for the Cultural TV Channel

Creating a Poster: Digital posters are a great way to share your event or activity… and they’re easy to make with PowerPoint (a program available on most Windows laptops/computers). Watch the video below to get started!
You can also check out our Poster Design Tips Brochure and/or download our PowerPoint TV Channel Poster Template.

And remember – Library staff are here to help! If you don’t access to a computer or would like some help creating a poster, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  We have trained staff that can help you design your first poster and we also have public computers that can be used for creating content.

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Submit Content

Once you’ve created your content, please ensure you have read through the criteria above before submitting (for example: image files must be widescreen/16:9 and in JPG format).  Ready to submit?  Use the button below and thank you so much for being a part of the Grey Highlands Cultural Channel.  We look forward to sharing your submission with the community!


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Video Storytelling: Tutorials

Shooting Video with a Smartphone: You don’t need to have a fancy camera to record video for the Cultural Channel ­– most smartphones (such as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google phone or Microsoft phone) are capable of taking high-quality videos. If you’re new to shooting video on your smartphone or would like a few helpful pointers, watch the following video tutorial or click here to read a helpful article on how to shoot video with your smartphone.

Shooting Video with a Camera: Most cameras have the capability to record video, whether you’re using a small point and shoot camera or a DSLR camera. If you have a point and shoot camera (they are about the size of a cell phone and don’t have any protruding lenses) and want to learn how to use it to shoot video, click here for a helpful article. If you have a DSLR camera, take a look at the video embedded below to learn how to shoot video with your DSLR, or click here to read some helpful tips and tricks.

Editing Video and Slideshows in iMovie: Once you have your video footage, you may want to add text to your video to help communicate details to the viewers of the Cultural Channel, or perhaps even add some special effects. We recommend using the Mac-based program iMovie to edit video because it’s fairly straightforward and isn’t too complicated. iMovie is only available on Mac computers, but don’t worry if you don’t have one – the Markdale and Flesherton branches of the Grey Highlands Public Library have iMac computers with iMovie that are available to the public for use.

iMovie is also a helpful tool for creating slideshows from a group of pictures. Just like with video, iMovie gives you the capability of adding special effects and text to your slideshow. If you’re new to iMovie, check out this handy video tutorial below for a beginner’s guide to using the software.

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