Library TV – OLASC 2017 Presentation

“LIBRARY TV” – OLASC 2017 Presentation

This presentation was delivered at the Ontario Library Association‘s 2017 Super Conference –  Canada’s largest education event in librarianship – on Wednesday, February 1st.

Presentation Description: In 2015, the Grey Highlands Public Library embarked on an exciting cultural project that resulted in the creation of a new local TV channel! The initiative was made possible through funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and through collaborative partnerships with the local museum, municipality, cable television provider, and other community organizations. From concept to launch, this presentation will explore the many aspects of this innovative and courageous project that brings community and culture together. Topics will include funding, equipment, training the public, channel content, and community engagement and involvement. Join us as we cover the successes, the challenges, and the future of this project.

Presentation Outcomes:  Planning, funding, and starting a library/cultural/community channel // Developing collaborative partnerships with local community partners // Development of video and poster content TV and YouTube //  Equipment, tools, and training techniques // Strategies for community engagement and involvement (and challenges) // How libraries have opportunity to play leadership/facilitator role in helping to promote culture in the community.