Genealogy Resources

The Grey Highlands Public Library is highly dedicated to providing excellent resources for looking up family history. Through these resources you can learn more about your roots and community. Connect with your past through the library – a treasure trove of historical materials, from photos to documents to videos, awaits!

Our Resources

Look no further than our own eResource page for a great place to start. The library already has Ancestry’s Library Edition available to you, which is now accessible from home until further notice. We also have a few local history resources you can peruse for information on your own family’s history or others, such as Local Newspapers, the South Grey Museum site and even our own Agnes Macphail Website! For other online places to visit, please also check out our other posts on Temporarily Available Resources, eBook & eAudiobook Resources, Parent/Teacher Resources and Mental Health Resources.

Online Resources

In addition to our own useful genealogy aids, there are many sites to browse that can offer an impressive amount of materials and help. These sites are all excellent genealogical resources to begin your historical journey.

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